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by | Jan 9, 2019 | Lawyer


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At the most basic level, workers’ compensation is a system of legal rules that compensate people for work place injuries. Compensation can be provided for rehabilitation costs, disability, medical costs and lost wages. The state government of each jurisdiction runs the workers’ compensation system. The purpose of these laws is to prevent the burdensome litigation often associated with personal injuries. In a sense, it protects both the employee and the business owner by setting a clear path to follow. If you believe you may qualify for workers’ compensation, contact the Workers Compensation Lawyers New Lenox.

Dealing With Employer Disputes

Just because an employee files a claim doesn’t mean that the company will support it. In many cases, the employer files a dispute against the claim. This may occur because the employer believes the injury did not happen at work, or that the incident is not as serious as claimed. Businesses may also dispute claims for financial reasons. The less claims that are paid on their behalf, the lower the rate they have to pay into the state’s system. Whatever the reason, it is important to get help from workers compensation lawyers New Lenox.

When the employer initiates a dispute, the employee must see a doctor. This physician must be a neutral party that works with the state. Therefore, anything discussed during this examination can be turned over to the opposing party (the employer) for use in the dispute. Thus, it is important to speak about the examination with your attorney beforehand.

When the Board Issues a Denial

If the governing board finds that the claim is not valid, additional action will be required. This usually involves filing an appeal to fight the board’s decision. Appeals are first handled by the agency’s administration. If the employee disagrees with this decision, he or she can take the matter before a review board. The final option for an appeal is to take the case before one of the state courts.

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