Get Relief From the Itching Bites Caused By Flea Infestations

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2015


While everyone loves their pets, these cuddly creatures can often bring uninvited guests into a home. Unfortunately, the tiny flea can create quite a nasty bite, causing skin irritation and itch. Since fleas can quickly grow in numbers, it is crucial homeowners are prompt in calling for Fleas Extermination Service in El Dorado Hills CA. If the fleas are not removed, the females will continue to lay eggs and the home could face a growing problem.

Many homeowners make the mistake of taking a DIY approach when it comes to fleas. Unfortunately, this can often prove problematic because all stages of flea life are not taken care of. When a pest control company seeks to remove fleas from a home, they not only focus on the home but also the animals that are bringing in the fleas.

There are several steps that are taken for Fleas Extermination Service in El Dorado Hills CA:

  *      The technician will first determine the type of flea present in the home.

  *      During the process of removing fleas, it is important to inspect the home for other mammals that may be harboring fleas such as rodents.

  *      Homeowners are advised to reach out to their vet for treatment of the animals in their home, so the flea problem does not continue.

  *      Flea treatments inhibit the normal growth cycles of fleas and cause them to die.

  *      Strong vacuums are used along with treatment to remove flea eggs and larvae from the home.

Once the fleas have been removed, it is crucial homeowners stay proactive in keeping these pests away. Keeping flea treatments on their pets and giving them frequent baths can help. It is also important to keep all pet bedding clean and areas prone to flea infestations treated.

If you are tired of the itchy bites of fleas, Click Here. With professional flea extermination services, your home can be free of these blood-sucking pests, so they are no longer a nuisance. Through these services, you will also learn the steps you can take so you never have to worry about a new infestation occurring. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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