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Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2020


An illness, accident, or other issue can cause a person to be unable to work. If this condition is expected to last for a year or more, they are often considered disabled. A disabled person may have difficulties working and supporting themselves. Fortunately, Social Security benefits are available to help disabled people afford the costs of living and their medical care. Unfortunately, the process to receive benefits can be difficult and long. Social Security disability lawyers can help with this process.


When a person is disabled and cannot work, the federal government offers programs to provide benefits. One program is SSDI. This program is based on a person’s work history, and the benefits are proportionate to the income one received while working. SSI benefits are based on the income and assets of the person applying and are often offered to those who did not earn enough while working. SSDI recipients can receive Medicare if approved. SSI can receive Medicaid benefits to cover medical costs.

Applying for Benefits

To apply for benefits, a person must be able to prove that their disability is permanent and caused them to be unable to work. This claim must be backed up with medical records. In addition, a social security disability lawyer in West Monroe, LA. may send the applicant to designated doctors for an evaluation. This process can take from months up to two years. Even those with legitimate disabilities can and have been denied benefits for various reasons. The appeals process can often overturn the original decision to allow benefits.

The appeals Process

Once denied for benefits, a person has sixty days to appeal the decision. Additional information and medical records can be used to help in this process. This process can extend the time frame one must wait for benefits to well beyond two years. This process may include hearings and court appearances with a judge. Many people get frustrated with the process and simply give up.

Getting Help

It is usually a good idea to seek help when applying for SSDI or SSI. Social Security disability lawyers can help file the original application to ensure there are no mistakes or any missing information. They can also assist with any appeals or court appearances. Having a disability can be difficult enough to handle without the struggles of fighting for benefits. For assistance with this process or information about services available, visit website.

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