Get the Most Money From a Pocket Watches Buyer in Texas

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Business


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Pocket watches have fallen out of favor in recent years, but there are still many people who have them in their collection. If they’ve inherited a few or they purchased them many years ago and now want to try to sell them, it is possible for them to get a significant amount of money, depending on the watch itself. To do this, they’re going to want to find a pocket watches buyer in Texas that’s willing to give them as much as possible for the watch.

The Age of the Watch

Older watches, especially older ones that are still functional, are going to bring the highest price. A person might not even realize how old their watch is, or how much it might be worth, especially if it’s something they inherited. The appraiser can let them know how old the watch is and how that impacts its worth.

The Brand of the Watch

Some brands were rare in the past and are going to be worth more than some of the more common brands. Still, some of the common brands could have made limited editions or might not have many that are left in great shape and thus can still be worth quite a bit of money today. An appraiser can let them know what brand it is as well as if the brand was relatively rare or common when the watch was new.

The Condition of the Watch

Watches with few to no dings, scratches, or other marks are going to be worth more. Likewise, a functional pocket watch is going to be worth far more than one that no longer keeps the time correctly. The appraiser is going to look at the condition closely and let the seller know if there’s anything that might lower how much it could be worth.

Selling a pocket watch is more than just making sure it still works. When a person works with a pocket watches buyer in Texas, they’ll check the above aspects and offer the person cash for the watch. If the person wants to sell their watch, they can contact Franklin Gold & Silver Exchange to speak with an appraiser and learn more about how much their own watch is worth based on the factors above.

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