Getting A Better Understanding Of The Connection Between Alcohol And Domestic Violence In Tacoma WA

by | May 10, 2019 | Lawyer


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Alcohol sometimes is connected to Domestic Violence in Tacoma WA. It’s possible that ending a person’s dependence on alcohol can indeed them from engaging in domestic violence. Each situation is different, but the role of alcohol in domestic violence should be discussed and understood.

People Become Different

Domestic Violence in Tacoma WA sometimes happens because some people can become completely different when they drink. An individual can be loving and caring when they aren’t under the influence of alcohol. Also, there are drinkers who actually get blackout drunk and don’t remember what happens. Anyone who has a drinking problem that causes them to become violent with people they love should get immediate help.

Addressing The Issue

When domestic violence is linked to a person’s drinking, addressing the issue can be difficult. That’s because the victim in the situation might feel sorry for the abuser. They might recognize that the abuser has a substance abuse problem and isn’t abusive when alcohol isn’t involved. As such, the victim might try to ignore the problem or make excuses for the situation.

Professional Help

If the person isn’t abusive when they aren’t drinking, it’s usually possible to reason with them. While they are sober, the abuser should be made aware of all the options that are available for help. The person should be told about all the pain that they cause when they drink. If an abuser doesn’t volunteer to get help, they might be forced to get it when a court orders it after an arrest.

It’s A Hard Fight

Winning the fight against alcohol isn’t easy. There might be underlying psychological issues that need to be addressed. Counseling can sometimes help people overcome drug or alcohol addiction. Even though the person is abusive, they will still need support in order to overcome their problem. The victim in the situation is under no obligation to help their abuser.

Domestic violence is a serious problem and there isn’t any excuse for anyone to abuse someone else. However, when alcohol fuels the abuse, correcting the dependence issue can sometimes end domestic violence. Battling alcohol addiction is a fight that most people need help with.

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