Getting Dental Exams in Bridgeport CT Because of Toothaches

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


What are the risks in not getting routine Dental Exams in Bridgeport CT? The most obvious one is the dental pain. Daily brushing and flossing will only get a person so far.

Scheduling routine bi-yearly visits with a local dentist could ensure a person keep their original teeth throughout their entire life. However, people still feel the need to think they know better than professionals. They don’t.

Risks of not getting routine check-ups

The main risk of not being seen on a bi-yearly basis involves increased risk of decay. Who wants to slowly see their teeth rot out of their head? When looking at certain statistics, the numbers may surprise you.

On average, 92% of all people get a tooth pulled at one point or another in their lifetime. Experts say that 2/3 of those folks could’ve saved their teeth if they visited a local dentist for routine Dental Exams in Bridgeport CT.

Problems with waiting

It may happen that a person sees their teeth fall out due to excessively damaged gums. Plenty of diseases are seen in people who have neglected their oral care. As a general rule, however, dental problems do not evolve quickly enough to create serious complications.

This means that people can get the care they need before it’s too late. A real problem will arise if the bacteria responsible for tooth decay spreads. If these bacteria pass into the bloodstream, they can cause heart problems, septicemia, and so on.

These cases are severe but remain exceptional. They concern people who have remained without treatment for several months or years, despite the onset of pain.


Improper dental care or management is the number one reason why teeth need to be extracted. Infection of the tissues under the skin, usually due to streptococci or golden staphylococci, will invade neighboring facial tissues. This becomes serious when cellulite reaches the throat, as it becomes a choking hazard.

Still not convinced of the importance of routine oral care? Of course, many toothaches are often difficult to bear, but is there time to save the tooth? Of course, there is.

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