Getting Teeth Whitening Treatments In Reno NV

by | Dec 8, 2016 | Dentist


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When someone suffers from discolored teeth, they will most likely want to find a way to whiten them if possible. There are several methods one can use to try to make their teeth a bit whiter. Here are some ways to eliminate staining from the teeth so they are bright and healthy-looking as a result.

Try Fruits To Remove Stains

A few fruits are known to remove stains from the teeth. Strawberries can be mashed up and placed directly to stained areas for several minutes in an attempt to remove surface stains. The interior of an orange or banana peel can be rubbed upon the teeth to remove stains as well.

Use Whitening Products

There are several whitening products on the market to aid in the removal of stains from the teeth. The downside to the use of these products is that teeth sensitivity could arise. It is important to follow directions exactly when using these products to help keep the enamel from wearing from the teeth. Gels, strips, or a whitening toothpaste are some of the options available.

Try Homemade Products

One can try to make a toothpaste from baking soda mixed with water. This works well at removing stains from the teeth. Like whitening products, its usage should be limited so the enamel remains intact. Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a mouthwash to remove stains from the teeth as well.

See A Dentist For Brightening

Going to a professional is the best way to obtain white teeth. A dentist can give Teeth Whitening Treatments in Reno NV to a patient in the comfort of the office. These usually last for a half an hour to an hour, and do not involve any pain whatsoever. The process is also done with top-of-the-line equipment so sensitivity is less of an issue.

If there is a desire to get Teeth Whitening Treatments in Reno NV, seeing a dentist will be necessary. Visit the website to find out more about what the process entails and to make an appointment for an evaluation if desired. The dentist will then help construct a whitening plan to remove stains effectively.

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