Getting The Best Wood Floors In Nassau County Requires Some Research

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


Those property owners who want Wood Floors in Nassau County are going to have to learn about solid wood floors and engineered wood floors. Understand that both types of floors offer quality, but they are usually used for different areas. Solid wood floors can be refinished a number of times, and these types of floors are the best to use in rooms that are above ground. Engineered wood floors are layers that are put together. Since this type of flooring is better at resisting expansion and contraction, it can be used for basement installations. It can also be used above ground.

Learning about Wood Floors in Nassau County doesn’t stop after finding out the differences between engineered and solid floors. There are also dozens of species of wood to choose from. Light, medium, and dark colors of wood exist. For example, if someone wants to go with a darker look, they can use mahogany. For a brighter look, ash can be used. The Janka scale is what is used to rate how hard and durable a species of wood is. Once a property owner figures out how the floor will be used, the can check the scale for the right type of wood. Click Here to find out more about wood flooring.

Woods can be either finished while they are being installed or at the factory. When a floor is finished as it is installed, a property owner has a lot more control over how it is customized. The drawback is that installation takes longer and can be messy and noisy. Floors that are finished at the factory with all different types of finishes. As soon as floors that are finished at the factory are installed, people can walk on them. The same cannot be said for floors that are finished while they are being installed.

When it comes to finishes, some prefer glossy finishes while other prefer matte. The matte finishes are better at concealing fine scratches that can happen to a wood floor over time. Keeping a floor clean can help prevent scratch marks for developing. Using professional contractors to service wood floors is also advised.

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