Glass Services in Houston, TX Provide Replacements After Cracks Occur in Windows

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


One day, somebody in the house discovers that one of the windows has cracked for no apparent reason. Windows can crack without being struck, typically due to some form of stress on the glass. Thermal stress and pressure can both break a window. A company providing glass services in Houston TX can replace the glass promptly for an affordable price.

Thermal Stress

Thermal stress is a common cause of unexplained window breakage, especially in picture windows. Different parts of the glass heat or cool at different rates because of a mix of shadows and sun. The crack usually is relatively straight across horizontally or diagonally. Technicians from an organization offering Glass Services in Houston TX remove the broken window and replace the glass.

Shadows and Sunshine

Shadows on the glass can be due to trees, an overhang, or a nearby building like a detached garage. The home may have a front porch or an entryway that extends further out from the room with the picture window. When the sun shines on that window, some of the sunshine is blocked by these other features. If the temperature differences are too extreme in this large expanse of glass, the material is vulnerable to cracking.

This may happen with a new window, in which case it should be covered by warranty. In other cases, it occurs after many years or even decades. The problem may be due to unusual and rapid temperature changes when the sun shines on part of the glass.

Pressure Cracks

Another possibility would be abnormal pressure on the window because of minor earth shifts and ground settling over time. Pressure stress also occurs during dramatic weather incidents. People may be familiar with meteorologists talking about high pressure and low pressure systems.

Pressure cracks are more common in double-glazed windows and insulated glass. The break usually is curved instead of straight. It may be shaped like one side of an hourglass.

A Preventive Strategy

It may be advisable to have a company such as Lone Star Glass, Inc. install a thicker form of glass that is more resistant to stress. Otherwise, the problem is more likely to occur again.

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