Gold Buyers in Murfreesboro Turn Gold Jewelry into Cash

Posted By : Alex , on Feb, 2015


Tennessee residents are no different from people across the United States. Many of these people are living from paycheck to paycheck. They can barely pay their bills, so there is no opportunity for them to save for an emergency. Even with health insurance, people who get sick face large medical bills. If they are out of work, they have to find ways to pay for food and other living expenses. These people may have gold jewelry that they bought in better economic times or that they received as gifts. They can contact Gold Buyers in Murfreesboro to turn that jewelry into cash.

In addition to gold jewelry, gold buyers will also purchase dental gold, gold coins, and gold bars. The price of gold is so high that people may be surprised at what their old jewelry is worth. It’s easy for them to find out. Jewelry stores often buy gold, and have experienced appraisers ready to help people who want to sell it. When a person walks into to sell gold, they will be greeted by a knowledgeable and polite employee. He will first test the gold to determine it’s quality. The higher the gold content, the more the piece is worth. The appraiser then weighs the gold on a very accurate jeweler’s scale. The quality and weight of the gold determines its scrap metal value.

Since Gold Buyers in Murfreesboro have to make a profit, they usually pay a percentage of the scrap metal value for dental gold or gold bars. However, if the seller brings in antique jewelry or designer jewelry, the appraiser may believe that the jewelry store could sell it at a higher price. That’s the main reason jewelry stores pay more for some gold jewelry than scrap metal yards.

Jewelry store employees understand it can be very stressful for people to sell their gold jewelry. Some of these jewelry pieces might have been in a family for several generations. All transactions are kept confidential. The Platinum and Gold Jewelers are one of the local jewelry stores that buy gold jewelry. People considering selling their gold pieces can visit us to learn more. You can also visit their Google+ profile for more information.

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