Great Garage Door Opener Accessories

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2018


Your car garage should be accessible to you at all times, which is why an automatic garage door opener in Titusville, FL is such a great tool. If you are considering an opener for your garage, or already have one and need more functionality from it, then consider one of these great accessories.

Multi-Button Door Remotes

If you have more than one garage door, then you are going to need more than one button to operate them. Use this kind of remote to code each door individually. A good feature to look for is one with glowing buttons so you can tell them apart in the dark. Some remotes even let you program exterior lights to one of the buttons.

Linked Smartphone Controls

Being able to operate your garage door from your phone may seem like a goofy gimmick, but it is very useful if you are riding with someone who does not have one of the remotes to your garage. That way, you can keep any door remotes in one place and just worry about having your phone with you.

Coded Entry with No Key

Another way to give others access to your garage without handing over your remote is by having a keypad for entry. You can program your own access code and change it as needed for your garage door opener in Titusville, FL. Consider this if you have someone come to your house for lawn maintenance using your own lawn mower or other tools. This is also useful for families with children who come home before their parents.

Using your garage should not feel like a hassle, so look into some accessories that can make your life easier. To operate your garage door opener in Titusville, FL, consider a multi-button remote, smartphone app or keyless entry for a more efficient and worry-free process. Contact Paradise Garage Doors for more information.

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