Great Gifts for Your Active Child

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2018


Despite all of the discussions about children spending too much time inside, there are plenty of kids who would rather be outside, exploring, and learning from physical activities. It’s true that most children are more involved with online activity and video games. Sometimes that makes it more difficult for you to find things to entertain you child and enrich his or her life. And sometimes it’s difficult to buy a gift for a child who would rather be outside all day. These are three gift suggestions for the kid who refuses to stay inside.

Personalized Sports Gear

Kids love receiving personalized gifts because it gives them a sense of completely owning an object. Most children realize that they don’t have total ownership of most of the things in their life. If their name is on a personalized soccer ball or jersey, then it is implicitly theirs. Personalized sports gear can give your child a sense of responsibility and property, giving you the opportunity to teach them how to properly care for things they care about. An active child is more likely to use the sports gear that they feel absolutely belongs to them.

A Family Adventure

If you have an active child, then your child has probably begged you to go outside and play with them on more than one occasion. Of course, you would love to go with them every time. But cooking dinner, folding their laundry, and checking homework feels so urgent. Some children really appreciate an experience instead of a gift. Ask your child if he or she has ever wanted to try a specific activity, such as exploring a cave or swimming in the ocean. Do your best to keep an open mind about whatever your child may suggest, while still prioritizing safety.

Activity Organizations

If you haven’t already involved your outdoorsy child in local agricultural or scout organizations, start researching today. You can ask your child if they would like for you to pay for membership fees for organizations or special outdoors classes as a gift. There are many nationwide organizations that are dedicated to keeping children outside and active. Your child can make friends with similar outdoor interests, and planning birthday parties or special events is always more fun with friends involved.

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