Have a Grout Job to Tackle? Consider a Grouting System and Save Time

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Dec, 2019


Grout can really bring out the beauty of a flooring project. Fortunately, it’s not a complicated process, though it may take a little elbow grease and some knee pads. The finale is well worth it. Grout colors bring personality to tile quickly and consistently.

Once you’ve decided on the right grout for your project, your nearest home improvement store can help you with choosing the best grout system for your needs. Unless you’re a contractor, you probably won’t have the necessary tools lying around but not to fear.

For the more adventurous, or smaller projects, the standard DIY method could work. Usually, the basics include some sandpaper, a grout float (used to load and distribute the grout), and a sponge, though there are some other products like a tile cutter (to measure the tiles) and a trowl (handy for mixing the grout).

Bigger projects might seem a bit more daunting without the proper experience or tools, however. An all-in-one grouting system will come with all the tools needed for the job with an efficiency that cuts the grouting time significantly – up to 50%. Imagine how many other projects you can check off your to-do list with an effective grouting system that gets the job done right, and leaves a professional-style standard.

You may still have to supply your own ragged blue jeans to get dirty in, but the amount of time you’d save with a machine that does the dirty work for you means you don’t have to waste any good denim.

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