Having Questions Answered by Technicians Providing Air Conditioning Service in Huntsville, AL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2019


Technicians who provide Air Conditioning Service in Huntsville, AL are happy to answer questions about how customers can improve energy efficiency, increase the longevity of the equipment, and prevent it from breaking down. Several strategies help households achieve these goals, and none of the methods are particularly difficult.

Annual Maintenance

One question heating and cooling technicians commonly hear why annual maintenance is recommended so strongly. Homeowners may worry that this is just a way for contractors to make extra money with an unnecessary service. For better understanding, they might compare it with routine maintenance recommended to keep a car running with a lower risk of breakdowns while maintaining better fuel efficiency. With this strategy, when it comes to AC Repair Guntersville, residents may be able to delay this need for a long time.

Digital and Programmable Thermostats

Another question for technicians providing Air Conditioning Service in Huntsville AL is whether it might make sense to upgrade to a new thermostat. The home might have an old dial thermostat that still functions but does not have digital or programmable features. Upgrading to a digital model may be unnecessary, although this is routinely done during new furnace or central air installation. However, the household might appreciate the advantages of a programmable model that automatically lowers and raises the home’s temperature on a schedule.

Raising the Temperature

The idea of routinely changing the temperature settings brings up another question for a contractor such as Corbin’s Your Indoor Air Quality Specialist. Does it make a difference to raise the temperature, so the central air doesn’t run when everyone is gone for the day? It certainly does. Even the most-efficient air conditioners use more electricity to run all day than to cool the home down after eight or more hours.

The one limitation to this recommendation is not to turn the central air off altogether when leaving for work, school, or the weekend. Instead, it’s best to set the thermostat at a temperature like 80 or 82. Otherwise, the central air may indeed use more power to cool the home off from a temperature in the mid-to-high 80s or worse.

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