Hearing Better Starts by Visiting Your Dallas/ Fort Worth Audiologist

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2023


If you live in the Dallas/ Forth Worth area, and you are having some trouble hearing lately, an audiologist can help. An audiologist in Fort Worth will run a battery of tests to see how much hearing loss you have. These are sound-based tests, but the audiologist may run some other tests to check your inner ear and auditory nerves.

Electric Pulse Tests

An electric pulse test is comprised of a handheld device with a small probe on the end of a covered wire. A tiny pulse is sent through the probe to your inner ear. You may feel something, or nothing at all. The pulse helps the probe register where inside your ear the signal may be impeded. If there is something preventing the impulse from traveling far, that might explain your hearing loss.

Trying on Hearing Aids

The audiologist may also have you try hearing aids to see if your hearing is improved. If you can hear better with hearing aids, then the hearing aids are adjusted until your hearing is as clear as it can get. The audiologist in Fort Worth can use this fitting to see where your level of hearing loss lies. If it isn’t significant, the audiologist may have you return in six months to a year check your hearing again.

If there is a suspected central ear hearing loss, the audiologist may want to do other tests. To have your hearing checked, contact Ecoutez Hearing Aid Boutique in Fort Worth via https://ecoutez.com.

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