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by | Jan 12, 2017 | Lawyer


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The Arizona Worker’s Compensation Law ensures injured workers are provided medical coverage and compensation through a no-fault system. Most workers will receive temporary benefits based on their injuries and some will receive permanent benefits and services like job training if they suffer a serious injury that makes it impossible for them to return to their position. It is imperative workers understand the Work Injury Law in Glendale AZ in case they find themselves needing to file an injury claim with their employer.

The state of Arizona has two main divisions that work with worker’s compensation claims. The Claims Division is the one that monitors the employers and their insurance companies in the way they handle injury claims. They are charged with the responsibility of keeping records of all injury claims that have been filed and work directly with the insurance companies to regulate the way claims are handled. When a dispute arises, an injured worker will then begin working with the Administrative Law Judge Division.

The Administrative Law Judge Division handles a variety of disputes regarding worker’s compensation. This division can reopen claims, determine whether or not a worker is entitled to further compensation and handle disputes that result in a denial of benefits. Although a worker is not required to have legal representation, many feel more confident having a lawyer working on their side to help them through the process.

If a worker is injured, it is imperative they report their injury as soon as possible to their employer. Failure to do so in a timely manner could result in delays and problems receiving benefits. Once the employer has been informed, the injured worker files a claim with the Claims Division who then notifies the appropriate insurance carrier so the claim can be properly processed. Even if a claim is denied, a worker can appeal and continue their pursuit of benefits.

Understanding the Work Injury Law in Glendale AZ is crucial for protecting the rights of injured workers. If you are an injured worker who is having difficulty being able to receive the fair compensation benefits you deserve, contact the Garrison Law Firm.

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