Help is on the way with Bail Bonding Services in Watauga

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2020


There are many reasons that a bail bond is necessary. You do not have to be a hardcore criminal to need the services of a bonding company. Many people simply miss their court date for things like traffic tickets. This may have started out as a minor offense; however, it becomes a bigger issue when a warrant is issued for your arrest. This may seem aggressive for something small such as going ten miles over the speed limit; however, the courts prefer that everyone take their rules seriously.

Finding a Company

Before the internet was available, you might have wandered off in the night to the streets surrounding the court house. Bail bonding services are often located near the court house, so people can get to them as soon as they leave the courthouse, or on their way to court. When relatives are busy trying to help loved ones, this location makes it easy. In modern times, a quick internet search is all you need to find reputable bail bonding services in Watauga.

The Cost

Bail bonding services are often privately-owned businesses. This, and the high level of demand, often cause pricing to vary quite a bit. They usually try to stay competitive, however, especially if there are several similar businesses near each other. There is often a minimum charge that caps out at around $100, yet each establishment chooses their own. Otherwise, the fees usually range around ten to fifteen percent of the court cost. Bonds for state cases are less than those at a federal level, as well. Check in with Ronnie D Long Bail Bonds to find out more about the cost of your bond.

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