Help Others to Enjoy the Beauty of Art with a Degree in Arts Management

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2020


You’ve loved art since you were a child. You have explored many galleries. Artbooks sit on your shelves at home. You have dabbled in your own artistic creations. At the same time, you realize being an artist isn’t your strength. You can still have a career that revolves around your love of art. An arts management degree could be the right choice for you. You’ll learn about business administration as you work behind the scenes in museums or galleries. You can also be actively involved in acquiring pieces, maintaining artwork, and staffing. Imagine being able to meet artists as you set up showings for their work. Find out how you can facilitate sales. Set up events at your facility. When you complete your degree, you will be equipped to take the helm of a location in the art industry.

Turn Your Passion into a Career

An arts management degree will help you to understand how you can highlight the work of artists you love. You’ll provide the space and open your doors. You’ll be involved in choosing which pieces are a good fit for your location. You’ll understand how to run the business and budgeting while your artists continue to create. Become involved in any area of the arts that you love, including music and drama. Your degree will help you to branch out into a field that excites you. Learn more about an arts management degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago by going to

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