Helpful Tips to Make Yard Maintenance in Boulder, CO Simpler

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


A yard can be a home’s crowning glory and contribute to its curb appeal. Because the parcel of land can encompass a garden and landscaping features, it’s prudent to maintain it throughout the year. Doing this can increase the market value of a home as well as enhance good relations among neighbors. By using the following tips, Yard Maintenance in Boulder CO can be done productively and efficiently.

Before doing any yard-work, take a bit of time to assess the tasks that will need to be done in the yard. Do you only have grass? Do you have plants or a garden? Get the right tools and supplies beforehand so you won’t have to take numerous trips to the store. It’s helpful to make a checklist of tasks that will need to be done weekly, monthly, or intermittently. Avoid doing yard-work when you don’t have time to finish a certain chore.

One of the main tasks for lawn upkeep is cutting grass. Mowing a lawn should generally be done according to the length of the grass. It’s important not to cut the grass too low to avoid damaging the grass blades’ food-producing parts. Try to only remove only one-third of the grass blades per mowing session. When you desire shorter grass, cut additional height off the grass in another session. It’s a good idea to have the height of grass reach three to four inches. This helps the roots to remain sturdy and functional. In general, plan to mow your lawn about once a week or three times a month.

Lawn watering is another vital task in Yard Maintenance Boulder CO. Grass needs approximately one to two inches of water a week to stay healthy. This water includes rainfall. Some factors to consider for proper watering are soil type, grass type, and local climate. Overwatering can harm grass by filling the porous spaces in soil that normally contain oxygen. This element is vital to grass growth. Stick to a regular schedule for grass watering to keep the grass green and strong. For information on yard upkeep or yard services, please Browse website of Wards Lawn Service.

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