Here’s What You Should Know About A High Security System in Floral Park NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2019


A property owner doesn’t have to be a lock expert to shop for a High Security System in Floral Park NY, but they should learn a few things about locks. A high-security lock should have certain features to help protect a building. It’s a lock that is superior to regular locks.

No Cheap Parts

When a property owner invests in a High Security System in Floral Park NY from a place like Able Lock Shop, they shouldn’t buy a lock with any cheap parts. Locks that have substituted plastic for some metal parts won’t offer as much security as locks that are all metal. Too much empty space is also a problem for some locks that claim to be high-security locks. It’s easy to identify the metal content of locks made by quality brands.

Creating Spare Keys

Another benefit of high-security locks is that spare keys can’t easily be created. The locks should utilize patented keyways. When a lock has patented keyways, it’s much more difficult for someone to get hold of a blank key that can be made to work with the system. Some criminals gain access to buildings by simply making spare keys. Although it’s more expensive to get a backup key for a high-security system, the additional layer of protection is worth it.

More Features

Other characteristics make high-security locks stand out from the rest of the locks on the market. This is a type of lock that will have higher bolt strength when compared to other locks. That means the lock will be better at withstanding sheer force. Another plus is drill protection. Much like locksmiths, criminals can use drills to bypass locks. When a lock has drill protection, a criminal can be stopped right in their tracks. Some high-security locks will offer better drill protection than others.

Anyone who wants to secure their property will use high-security locks. However, having these locks isn’t enough for the best in security. Installing alarms, better doors, and security cameras alongside high-security locks will work to provide the best security. Locksmiths can help with all aspects of security. They can also help with emergencies. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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