Hire a Family Lawyer in Walker, MN When Going Through Divorce as an At-Home Parent

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


Some believe it’s a luxury to stay at home and raise a family, but the current economic reality means that, in many cases, both parents must work to pay the bills. The cost of childcare can be prohibitive, which leads many families to make cutbacks so one parent can stay home. This works well when the marriage is going smoothly, but when things fall apart, the at-home spouse may wonder how they can keep their lifestyle after a divorce. Below are several tips on divorce for at-home parents.

Focus on the Important Things

Many at-home caregivers find themselves wondering whether they should find a job. That can work if the family has babysitting help or if the children are in school. A part-time job is better than being unemployed, and every dollar made can help the family pay its bills.

Negotiate Aggressively

Some spouses don’t want the other party’s money and just want a quick end to the marriage. However, if the union has lasted for over a decade, the working spouse may owe a substantial amount of support. Even if the couple is striving for an amicable split, the at-home spouse may be entitled to a larger share of the marital assets. Consult a Lawyer in Walker MN for details.

Consider the Long-Term Cost of Divorce

When the working spouse’s income is sufficient to allow the other parent to remain at home, it’s easy to spend too much. However, when income starts to dwindle, the family may need to make some sacrifices. In some cases, a divorcing spouse may be able to remain at home if they find a few more areas in which to make cuts.

It’s Important to Find Help

If a spouse finds themselves in a situation where they’re unemployed and headed for divorce, they should Click here to consult a family Lawyer in Walker MN. Having an experienced attorney can make the difference between remaining at home and being forced to work multiple jobs while raising the children. State laws protect at-home spouses to an extent, and a lawyer can help spouses get what they deserve.

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