Hire a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer in Tucson, AZ to Ensure You Can Pay All Accident-Related Bills

Posted By : Alex , on Jun, 2016


The one thing a person who is involved in a car accident can count on is bills. There will be bills from the company that towed the car from the crash site, the body shop, the paramedics, the emergency room and the doctors. Some of the bills might be covered by insurance but deciding which insurance company should pay can result in delays and often, late notices from the doctors. When the bills don’t stop coming because they aren’t being paid, it’s important to get in touch with a motor vehicle accident lawyer in Tucson, AZ.

One of the first steps in paying an accident claim is determining which driver was at fault. Depending on the type of insurance the driver had at the time of the accident, certain claims won’t be paid unless they were the victim. For example, minimum coverage typically only covers damage to the other driver’s car and the medical expenses of people in the other vehicle. If a driver with minimum coverage is found to be at fault in an accident, they may have to cover their own repair costs and medical bills. Unfortunately, fault is not easy to determine and an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer in Tucson, AZ may need to get involved to help a client prove their case.

After a lawyer decides to handle the case, they might begin negotiating with the insurance company to get all those outstanding bills paid. This can take some time, so it’s important for clients to be patient. A lawyer may need to do their own investigation of the accident to show the insurance company their client did not cause the crash. Insurance companies often make low offers initially in hopes the client will accept them. However, over time, costs tend to increase and waiting for a higher settlement that might cover time lost from work and future medical costs could pay off for an accident victim.

When evaluating a settlement offer, an accident victim must consider their attorney’s fees. Most accident lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning that they get paid a percentage of the settlement. Visit us website to learn more about attorney fees and how to evaluate an offer to ensure the amount will cover all the accident-related costs.

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