Hire a Personal Injury Law Firm in Houston After a Road Rage Incident

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


Road rage is a form of assault and battery in most jurisdictions, but a few places have laws specific to aggressive driving. Most cases end up in criminal court, but a personal injury law firm in Houston will usually advise a client to file a civil claim. Here, victims can learn more about building a road rage case against another motorist, and they can learn how an accident attorney can help them document their injuries, pain, suffering and economic damages.

Common Road Rage and Aggressive Driving Behaviors

Road rage comes in a variety of forms and risk levels. It’s thought to arise as a result of an impulse control disorder, where the other driver engages in dangerous behaviors that cause harm to others. In most instances, aggressive drivers are prosecuted under assault and battery laws, but not all use automobiles as weapons. Some may leave their cars to physically assault another citizen, while others may use firearms and other items.


Courts do not automatically recognize a victim’s right to restitution above the auto repair and medical expenses arising from the incident. However, they do allow victims to request punitive damages, which serve as a deterrent against future aggressive driving offenses. A personal injury law firm in Houston can help a victim pursue a civil case where additional damages can be sought.

Assessing Liability

A victim’s best option for pursuing civil damages in a road rage incident is to hire an experienced accident lawyer who can work to establish their financial losses and suffering. The process involves the gathering of documents such as medical records and police reports.

Regardless of how a client pursues the matter, the first step is to press criminal charges against the other driver. By holding the other party accountable for their actions, the victim does a service to the community by preventing the offender from endangering others. Additionally, police records and criminal charges can help an auto accident attorney meet the civil court’s burden of proof. When a client hires an experienced lawyer, they may be able to achieve a more favorable outcome. Visit the website of the Ramsey Law Firm to get more information or schedule an appointment.

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