Hire a Professional for Your Oriental Rug Repair in Manhattan

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2014


Oriental rugs have been used for many centuries throughout people’s homes to make their home more attractive and beautiful. Older Oriental rugs have a better craftsmanship and beauty to them compared to the rugs produced today. It can be difficult to find a rug repair shop that can restore older rugs, as they are a bit harder to restore with the possibility of water damage, fire damage, and moth damage, in a more detailed piece of artwork. It is much more common to see an ancient Oriental rug needing repair compared to a newer rug.

To go with the historical history of New York City and its surrounding cities, Oriental rugs may be more prevalent due to people wanting to add some color and beauty to the insides of the historical homes. A restoration of an Oriental rug could be due to fire, moth or water damage, which can possibly cause the rug to be re-sized, holes to be fixed, and rips, worn, fringed, and binding areas to be rewoven. For oriental rugs that require hand washing, there are professionals that can do so, in addition to removing odors, glue removal, stain removal, and color run removal. Other possible services for the repair in an Oriental rug could include color treatment, color changing, the elimination of wrinkles, and moth treatment to keep moths from eating the rug. If you are looking to have the rug stored in storage or hung up, rug repair shops can prepare the rug for storage as well as for being hung. For Oriental Rug Repair in Manhattan research The Golden Horn, as they specialize in Oriental rug repair.

When looking for an Oriental rug repair in Manhattan, to get your beloved Oriental rug repaired, you want someone with experience to handle the restoration of the rug with care. If you are worried about price, make sure to get a free estimate, but you will pay for what you get in the restoration of your rug. It takes a lot of time and precision to restore an ancient cultural form of art, such as a rug. There is much more detail in the workmanship of an ancient oriental rug compared to newer Oriental rugs, so be sure to hire a professional.

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