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Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Occupational therapists provide a valuable service. First, they help people of all ages do everyday activities. Many people are disabled by injuries and chronic illness. The therapist meets with the client or the family. Individuals are evaluated to determine their needs. Afterwards, a therapy plan is developed. Along the way, the client is assessed to make sure goals are being met. There are countless individuals who need this therapy. Examples include children with autism, brain injury patients and the chronically ill.

A Home Occupational Therapy Service is invaluable to many. For instance, therapists use a holistic approach. The holistic approach includes making over the home and anything else to assist the patient. How does occupational therapy help a child with autism? Therapists assist autistic children by boosting their ability to do regular tasks. Autism can take away the ability to do simple things like getting dressed and taking a bath. If you know someone who needs help, they should contact Careminders Home Care.

Stroke patients often lose the use of one side of the body. Therapists assess patients and learn how well they move. Next, they turn favorite activities like gardening into strength-builders. Likewise, stroke patients are taught new ways to do things with one hand. Further, the therapist teaches fun things like using the computer with one hand. In addition, assistive devices are introduced to clients to make life easier. In the end, the goal is to be as independent as possible.

Many arthritis patients get help from Home Occupational Therapy Service. People with arthritis have joint inflammation. This inflammation causes pain that makes it hard to perform simple tasks. Therapists know ways to make life easier. For example, the patient can use a light-weight wagon to carry things from room-to-room. Likewise, the therapist shows the patient how to be more comfortable. There are a variety of braces that make it easier to use the hands and knees. Further, the therapist demonstrates the benefits of compression stockings and other garments. Also, grab bars and higher toilet seats should be installed in the bathrooms. No matter what the physical condition, occupational therapists can make it better. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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