Hire the Best Child Support Lawyer in Douglasville GA to Reduce Stress on Your Family

Posted By : alex , on Sep, 2014


Separation and divorce are difficult for families. However, managing the finances for two separate households can be even more difficult. When two parents separate, they both remain financially responsible for their minor children. This means that one parent will pay child support and the other will have to learn to pay all the bills with only half of the income plus some child support. Whether you have primary custody of your children and need as much money as possible from their other parent or you are the non-custodial parent and you need to have enough left over in your pay check to pay your bills, hiring the Best Child Support Lawyer in Douglasville GA may help you.

Each state has a formula for computing child support. Unfortunately, that formula determines the amount of financial support a non-custodial parent should pay based on their income. Calculating child support this way does not take the special needs of the child or the additional expenses the non-custodial parent assumes regularly on behalf of the child. If you are the non-custodial parent and your child or children spend half of their time in your home, your lawyer may make the judge aware of your circumstances so you don’t have to pay more than your fair share to their other parent.

In most cases, the time children spend with each of their parents and the child-related expenses each parent has change over time. The courts recognize this and may adjust your child support order if the difference in parental income or expenses for the children increase significantly. The Best Child Support Lawyer in Douglasville GA may be able to help you get your child support modified to reflect the changes. If, after your child reaches the age of 14, he or she wants to live with their non-custodial parent, your lawyer may also be skilled in child custody law and able to represent you in a custody case.

By handling the delicate financial aspects of calculating a child support order, your lawyer can offer you the freedom to provide for the emotional needs of your children during a difficult time in their lives. While child support is important, parental involvement is also a vital factor in raising happy, well-adjusted children. Click Here for more information.

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