Hiring a Bed Bug Exterminator

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2016


Nobody needs to be told just how much a hassle having bed bugs is. They are very difficult to get rid of and often hide in small areas so you just don’t see them. The most effective way for you to deal with an infestation of bed bugs is to hire a professional in pest management. If you are trying to get rid of these beg bugs on your own, chances are, you are not going to be successful. Going the cheapest route is not always the best option, especially when it comes to bed bugs.

Beginning Your Search

When you begin your search for bed bug exterminators in Queens, make sure you narrow down your list to 2-3 potential exterminators. Visit their websites, learn more about the types of services that they offer. There are some exterminators that do not offer bed bug extermination services, so make sure you find out of that is included in their list of services.

Questions to Ask

One of the most important questions that you can ask your exterminator is if they are licensed in their state and if they have liability insurance. Make sure they are able to show you proof of both of these important documents. Check the Better Business Bureau’s website in your state to see if they have any open or closed complaints against them.

You will also want to find out what they will be using for the treatment process and what is the typical procedure when handling bed bug infestations. It is also very important that you find out how long it is going to take to complete the entire process. Take a good look at your management plan and make sure that it includes a follow-up visit just in case the bugs come back. It is important to also ask them what the safety precautions are when it comes to using a treatment for bed bugs.

Preparing for the Visit

Make sure all of your linens and bedding are laundered and you eliminate any clutter around the infested areas. Move some of your furniture so that every area can easily be accessed so the exterminator is able to perform a thorough job in a timely manner.

When it comes to bed bug infestations, hiring an exterminator is the best way to go. Just make sure you go about it the right way and you will soon be bed bug free.

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