Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Mobile, AL for Different Types of Injury Claims

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


A personal injury attorney in Mobile, AL can handle a variety of injury claims. Sometimes, people have claims and don’t even realize they can take action in court. As a general rule, it’s good for people to learn the types of personal injury cases that can be pursued with a lawyer’s help. It’s important to understand that an injury caused by another person doesn’t automatically mean an injured person can get compensation, that is why a lawyer will review each request for help on a case-by-case basis.

Dog Attacks

Even responsible pet owners can end up facing civil litigation because of dog bites. A dog can quickly bolt out of a person’s door and attack someone who is walking down the street since dogs can get nervous just like people, the difference is that when they do, they may bite. So whenever a dog injures a person, the owner is usually going to be held financially responsible if the injured party can successfully prove the case. Laws regarding dog attacks can vary from state to state, so it’s important for bite victims to seek out help from lawyers who specialize in personal injury claims in the state where the incident happened. Bite victims can visit the website of a lawyer to see what types of cases the lawyer handles.

Slip and Fall

These types of cases aren’t uncommon when it comes to personal injury law. In most cases, the property owner will be the one asked to pay compensation; however, there are times when tenants might be held responsible if the property is a business and they are the owners. For example, if a business owner is leasing space for a store and a person falls because of a wet floor due to a spill, a lawyer might take the business owner to court. In such a case, the landlord of the property couldn’t be held responsible for a business owner who does not properly clean up a spill.

Whenever people think they have been injured through the actions or neglect of others, they should talk with a personal injury attorney in Mobile, AL to see if action can be taken. Victims should remember to document all the evidence, so their lawyers have more to work with, because the more proof, the better for plaintiffs.

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