Hiring A Workers Compensation Lawyer

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


Unfortunately, millions of American workers are injured on the job every year. Some injuries are minor and require minimal attention; however, there are injuries and illnesses that are serious, causing the affected employee to lose considerable time at work, or worse. There are laws in effect that ensure that those in this category will receive financial awards.

Hiring a skilled lawyer:

The laws that pertain to workers compensation are extremely complex; it is in the injured workers best interest to hire a knowledgeable workers compensation lawyer in Westminster. Only lawyers that focus their attention on this area of law know the laws and how to ensure that their clients get any and all benefits they deserve. A lawyer also knows when you can pursue a civil case rather than simply keep it within the bounds of the employer and his insurer.

The majority of workers compensation lawyers are happy to evaluate your case at no cost. In the event, the lawyer is of the opinion that you have a valid case and it is worth pursuing you will be invited to meet. During this initial meeting, you should be well prepared, bring copies of any and all documents that pertain to the accident or illness and be prepared to ask questions and give answers. A seasoned workers compensation lawyer in Westminster will know upon reviewing the documents how to best approach the case.

Insurers are interested in themselves, not you:

It is a mistake to think that your employer’s insurance company is concerned about your well-being, they are concerned with maximizing their profits. Insurance companies are well represented by teams of legal practitioners; unless you too are represented the playing field is far from level. It is important that you have someone alongside you that is interested in protecting your rights and best interests.

If you suffer the effects of a workplace injury or illness you should consider hiring a workers compensation lawyer in Westminster to ensure your rights are protected. To discuss the details of your case you are invited to contact the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.

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