Hiring The Divorce Lawyers In Hutchinson, Kansas

Posted By : Alex , on Feb, 2015


There are several things individuals should do before filing for divorce. First and foremost, it is important to secure one’s financial future. Look through the home and find as many financial records as possible. These documents may have to be used in court. Additionally, make a list of all family possessions including furniture, jewelry, artwork, etc. In addition to assets, document the family’s debts. Debts, and who is responsible for paying them, is an important issue for the court to decide. Examples of documents that are needed include:

* bank and retirement account statements

* mortgage statements

* tax returns

* credit card statements

* life insurance policies

It is also critical to learn one’s legal rights. Consult the Divorce Lawyers in Hutchinson KS or visit the website at hutchlawks.com. More than likely, a consultation will be necessary. One of the most key issues in a divorce is determining what each spouse earns. Tax returns and 1099 forms are especially important if a spouse is self-employed. Spouses who do not have credit cards should consider applying for one. Experts recommend establishing a credit history before obtaining a divorce. People who have bad credit should pay bills down and try to improve credit ratings before going to court. Further, it makes sense to try and save money before starting legal proceedings. Spouses should always have a source of money they can call their own.

Spouses need to listen to advice from the Divorce Lawyers in Hutchinson KS. Lawyers make recommendations and clients need to follow them. For example, if the lawyer wants a client to pursue alimony and child support, do so. Additionally, make sure that each spouse has a life insurance policy. It is important that the minor children are protected if either parent dies. Likewise, the lawyer will make sure there is an equitable division of marital property. The custodial parent should fight to keep the minor children in the marital home. Children do not handle change well and moving is a major change. They are already adjusting to their parents being apart. Individuals with contested divorces need to prepare by gathering as much documentation as possible in order to protect their future.

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