Hiring Top Stainless Steel Fabricators: 3 Focus Factors

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Metal Fabrication


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Stainless steel is used in many different industries and over a wide range of small to large applications, components, parts, and structures. The specific grade and temper of the stainless steel is a key factor in choosing the right material for the job, but so is the ability to find stainless steel fabricators that are up to the task of creating the parts to the specifications and tolerances required.

There are a lot of companies, including smaller shops and large production stainless steel fabricators, located in most areas of the country. Choosing between the local services, or extending the search across the state or even nationally, is a key consideration when quality, as opposed to convenience, is a central factor.

To ensure any OEM gets the best possible metal fabricator, getting to know the company is a crucial step. This can be completed through online searches, review of the website and by direct communication with the fabricator being considered.

Experience with Stainless Steel

Virtually all fabricators indicate on their website and through advertising that they have experience in fabrication of all types of metals and alloys, including stainless steel. This type of general statement does not provide the specific information you need to make an informed decision.

Talk to the company and find out specifics about the types of stainless steel fabricators they have completed. Find out the industry, the company and the type of fabrication required.

Ability to Deliver

Make sure the fabricator has the equipment and the capability to work to both your quality control requirements and to order quantities. Check to make sure the fabricator has a solid reputation for completing orders on time. This often includes finding out if the company has experience in working with large companies running supply chains.

Pricing Considerations

A top fabricator can quote a price for the job and stay with that price. Often the smaller, less experienced companies find this challenging and often add to the cost of the project, which makes budgeting a challenge and accurate comparisons impossible.

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