Historical Preservation and Restoration: Expansion Joint Installation In Chicago IL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2019


Millions of structures and buildings across the United States of America are considered historical. Thanks to great preservation, education and the love of history, these places have stayed standing for a century or more. A lot goes into preserving something historical. It is not the same as simply renovating a home or apartment complex. There are laws, permits, and regulations one must follow in many areas. These standards can be extremely hard to meet.

Common Problems In Older Structures

An extremely common problem in older structures or buildings, especially those within the historical category are the floors. These types of properties were not subject to zoning laws and are often grandfathered into existing building codes, but that does not mean that these should go unchecked. A floor is one of the lifelines of the home, if the floor goes, it may damage the whole structure. That is why securing them with joints is one of the best ways to go and it is not intrusive.

If you or someone you know is in need a well versed and extremely qualified team of restoration and preservation professionals, look no further. Golf Construction specializes in all forms of restoration and preservation. Those working on expansion joint installation in Chicago IL can help secure one of the most integral parts of a historical property.

Parts Of A Building That Are Overlooked

There are other major parts that are often overlooked. These include structural stability, plumbing, electricity, and the roof.

Structural Stability

Structural stability is at the top of the list of things that are overlooked. Over time, structures move due to the settling of the ground beneath and extreme weather events generally involving water. The specialist here are well versed in securing a structure’s foundation and basic frame. These are often reinforced with concrete beneath and the service, joints and sometimes replacement.

Again, securing the flooring or walls of the structure is extremely important and those involved with expansion joint installation in Chicago IL could not be more knowledgeable. For any restoration or preservation needs to remember to call the professionals at Golf construction. Check out Golfconstruction.net for more information, schedule an appoint and/or speak with a professional.

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