Home Elder Care in Sarasota FL Makes Life Easier When Elderly Parents Move in With Adult Children

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2018


When elderly parents no longer can live completely independently, they still may not want to move to assisted living and especially not to a nursing home. One of the adult children might consider asking parents to move in at their home if everyone gets along well and there is plenty of room. They still may want to schedule visits from an organization providing home Elder Care in Sarasota FL to make things easier for the combined household.

There are important questions to be considered beforehand by the adult child and his or her family, and the elderly parent or parents.

General Questions

What about everyone’s habits? Mom or Dad might like to have a glass of beer or wine every evening. Is this going to bother the adult child who worries this is too much alcohol intake? A teenage daughter in the home may be accustomed to having the living room TV on loud while watching certain shows, but this may be irritating to the grandparents. What about everyone’s preferred sleep schedules? Will there be any issues with sharing the kitchen?

The Possibility of Home Modifications

What kind of home modifications might be necessary or advantageous for the new residents? Some of these are obvious, such as the need for a ramp at the front stairway. Others may not be essential but could be beneficial, depending on the person’s level of ability. Grab bars in the bathroom provide extra stability, for example.

Leaving for the Weekend

The family may worry about not being able to leave for a weekend or a week-long vacation if a disabled parent is living in the home. This is another point at which Elder Care in Sarasota FL provided by a professional service organization is valuable.

Family caregivers can understandably start feeling resentful if their lives become completely tied to their home for a long period, especially if this situation continues for years. Licensed nurses, nursing assistants or personal companions from an organization such as Family First Homecare can come to the home when the family is gone overnight. Visit the website to learn more.

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