Home Generators and Other Electrical Services in Scranton, PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2019


Your home’s electrical system is the definition of being out of sight and out of mind. When your system is working properly, you almost never think about it. You plug items into the wall and they come on; you flip your light switch and the lights come on. It all happens automatically. However, when it doesn’t happen properly, it can be very disorienting. It can also be very expensive to repair. When your power goes out, appliances like your refrigerator and freezer stop working. If you have perishable items in there, they will go bad in a matter of hours or days. In order to avoid that, you should take a two-step approach. You need expert electrical services in Scranton, PA to keep your electrical system in great shape. You also need a generator.

A Home Power Generator

A home power generator is different from the generators you might typically use in an emergency. A home power generator is installed permanently outside of your house like an AC unit. It is connected to a natural gas or propane line. When your power goes out, the cessation of electrical flow triggers the generator to come on. The generator burns the fuel to create mechanical motion, and that mechanical motion is translated into electricity and delivered to various parts of your home. The installation of a home power generator is one of the most useful electrical services in Scranton, PA.

No matter how bad the weather gets, the generators from Quality Electric will help keep you comfortable. This is especially useful in a winter storm.

Electrical Inspection

When you are getting a generator installed, you also need to have your home electrical system inspected. Electrical services are much more efficient if the electrician knows the layout of your wiring. They can also find the source of a power outage if it is a local issue.

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