Homecare Beds In St Charles, MO Can Help A Patient To Recover

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2019


Recovering at home after an accident or medical procedure can create a lot of problems for individuals who have limited mobility because of their condition. For some patients, remaining around the family while they’re recovering is important to their well-being. Moving a standard bed into an area of the home might not be an option, and this is when Homecare Beds in St Charles MO can help.

Homecare beds are ideal for patients that require wound care or need to have their head or feet elevated throughout the day. Elevating the feet or head of a patient usually requires a wedge or a stack of pillows. The problem with elevating a patient’s body using these items is the patient tends to slide off one side or the other. Individuals who have an incontinence problem also don’t want to worry about ruining a regular mattress from their bed.


Hospital beds are usually made of foam or innerspring and foam. There are other types of mattresses available, but they usually need to be special ordered. Every mattress is protected by vinyl. A homecare bed is longer than a typical twin mattress, and it is important to use the correct mattress for his type of bed. An individual will need to purchase extra-large twin sheets or homecare bed sheets.

Electric Vs. Semi-Electric

Choosing between the types of Homecare Beds in St Charles MO can be confusing. A fully electric bed is controlled with remote control. A semi-electric bed has a control at the top and the bottom of the bed. The downfall of a semi-electric bed is that it must be hand-cranked to raise and lower the bed.

Parts And Repairs

It’s inevitable that a hospital bed will need to be repaired. When a homecare bed is purchased from a reputable medical equipment company, users will only need to make one call to the place they purchased it to obtain repairs. Parts are available for the individual to purchase and perform the repairs themselves. The other option is to have a trained technician perform the work.

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