Homeowner Questions About Professional Lawn Maintenance In Wellington Florida

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2016


Homeowners who want to keep their lawn looking beautiful throughout the year can contact a Lawn Maintenance Wellington Florida area company for expert lawn care. A lawn that’s taken care of by a professional company will grow and thrive because it’s healthy. Read the frequently asked questions listed below to learn more about the services of an experienced lawn care professional.

Q.) Why is it better to hire a professional for lawn maintenance in Florida?

A.) A lawn maintenance professional has experience and knowledge about lawn care. Professionals can tell by looking at the lawn if the grass needs fertilization. They can also determine if the lawn needs a weed control solution or if there are insects destroying the lawn. Homeowners who don’t have experience with lawn maintenance may not be able to detect lawn problems in the early stages. If these issues aren’t caught and treated early, they can cause the lawn to be unhealthy.

Q.) How do white flies damage landscapes and how can a homeowner get rid of them?

A.) These insects often damage various types of plants including ornamental plants, vegetable plants and plants that are grown in a greenhouse. White flies cause these plants to wilt by destroying their leaves. Homeowners can prevent excessive plant damage by removing any wilted leaves from the plant. To identify the presence of white flies, homeowners should inspect the leaves and look for a sticky substance that’s left on the leaves by the white flies. A lawn maintenance services in Wellington Florida area professional can examine the plant damage and look for signs of these certain insects. If necessary, a professional can eliminate the white flies from the lawn and surrounding area.

Q.) How often should a lawn care professional perform lawn maintenance?

A.) The answer to this question varies because each homeowner’s lawn is different. Most lawns require weekly maintenance by a professional but homeowners are free to choose the frequency of maintenance for their own yard. A Lawn Maintenance Wellington Florida area professional will recommend a schedule for each homeowner after examining their yard.

For complete lawn maintenance services in Wellington, Florida contact Above & Beyond Pest Control company in Wellington Florida. Their expert lawn services include fertilization, weed control and white fly control.

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