Homeowner Questions About Septic Tank Repairs In Lima Ohio

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2015


Most of the time a septic tank does its job without any problems, but once in awhile it can malfunction. Since a septic tank is used every day, a homeowner should contact a qualified company for Septic Tank Repairs in Lima Ohio as quickly as possible. To learn more about septic system problems, read the questions and answers listed below.

Q.) How will a homeowner know if there are problems with the septic tank?

A.) The most obvious sign of a septic tank failure is gray water or sewage coming up through the bathtub drain. This signifies that the septic tank is too full or that there’s a clog somewhere in the sewer line. If the drain field is soaking wet at the surface or if there’s a sewage smell around the area of the drain field, this also signifies a problem with the septic tank.

Q.) What types of repairs are needed to fix the septic tank problem?

A.) A technician will first examine the septic tank and check the sludge level. If there is too much sludge in the tank, it can cause a clog and sewer backup in the house. If necessary, the technician will pump the sludge out of the tank. The technician may also choose to clean out the septic tank once it’s been pumped out. This process needs to be performed if there aren’t any bacteria in the tank. Bacteria in a septic tank must be present to transform the solids into liquids. Cleaning the tank removes chemicals or other substances that may have killed the bacteria. Other Septic Tank Repairs in Lima Ohio performed by a qualified technician include inspecting the sewer line and clearing out any obstructions that may be causing a clog in the sewer pipes.

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