Hormone Replacement Therapy In Louisville, KY Can Improve Your Health

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


Hormone problems can result in a variety of problems including the inability to lose weight. Although hormone fluctuation occurs daily in everyone, large fluctuations and imbalances can result in many problems. Hormone Replacement Therapy in Louisville KY, can put hormones back into balance and help with weight loss. Losing weight and keeping it off is a challenge for many individuals. After dieting and exercising, their weight loss program may not deliver the results they were hoping for, causing them to give up. Excess weight can lead to obesity and the development of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and many other very serious health conditions.

Being overweight or obese can be caused by a combination of food intake, lack of physical activity, genes, endocrine disorders, psychiatric illness, or medications. A slow metabolism can develop, and someone’s weight will continue to increase. InShapeMD offers valuable solutions to losing the weight without invasive procedures such as bypass surgery. Forty years of research have gone into the protocol for this type of weight loss. A calorie-controlled diet combined with a protein-rich diet can quickly begin metabolizing stored fat into energy and weight loss. It can reduce the hunger that many people often feel while dieting. It can also burn stubborn abdominal fat that never seems to leave no matter how much someone exercises.

Increasing the metabolism and lowering the bad cholesterol are other winning features this type of diet offers. Stabilizing the blood sugar will eliminate headaches or shakiness someone may experience while dieting. Increasing the testosterone in men will help them to develop the muscle mass they may have lost over the years. Injections of B-12 will also be administered to boost energy levels, and pharmaceutical-grade supplements will be given to increase weight loss, and natural appetite suppressants will also be supplied. Hormone Replacement Therapy in Louisville KY, can tremendously improve anyone’s ability to lose the weight loss they want to achieve a better overall health condition.

If dieting and exercise are difficult to stick to, this type of diet can help. For more information on developing a healthier weight in a safe fashion, please feel free to visit

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