How a Dietary Supplement in Louisville, KY can Help You Lose Weight

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2017


Losing weight is a goal for many people, and some people go to great lengths to do this. There’s no shortage of exercise plans and dietary regimens that supposedly help people lose weight. Unfortunately, whether it’s because of a person’s inability to stay on those plans, or the plans themselves don’t work, weight loss doesn’t happen as often as people would like. However, there are facilities, such as InShapeMD, that can help someone lose weight dramatically. They can also help them to do this in a way that is healthy. Many times, these programs include specific diets, specialized workout plans and the use of a Dietary Supplement in Louisville KY.

In essence, there are two types of supplemental plans that are used by this particular facility. The first is the HCG diet. This is a particularly low-calorie diet with injections of HCG included that is said to allow people to lose up to 1 to 2 pounds per day. This is an exceptionally high rate of weight loss, and in order to do this properly, it has to be monitored by a physician.

HCG is a hormone that is produced in pregnant women. This is the hormone that causes women to feel nauseous while pregnant. When synthesized, this hormone can help people eat less without feeling hungry. Results have also shown that this hormone will allow people to lose excessive amounts of weight without losing muscle. This is something that many diet plans that allow for short-term excessive weight loss can’t offer.

Another type of program is an appetite suppressant program. In fact, there are actually two. The first is prescription appetite suppressants and the second program uses a natural appetite suppressant’s. These programs also come with vitamin B12 injections for improved energy, as well as a medical visit, wellness consultations, and weight-loss tracking.

There are many details to these programs that there isn’t time to go into in this article. That’s why, if you’re looking at being aggressive with losing weight, and you want to make a big impact in a short period of time without putting your health at risk, a quick visit to  may be in order. You can read about the different weight loss plans that include a Dietary Supplement in Louisville KY, and you can also read some of the success stories of people that have used these programs in the past.

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