How Anger Management Counseling Prevents Domestic Violence in Tacoma, WA

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Jun, 2019


It is not uncommon for those with anger management issues to wind up engaging in Domestic Violence in Tacoma WA. Thankfully, there are services available that can help. Read on to find out about how anger management counseling helps abusers overcome problems and change their behaviors.

Exploring Underlying Issues

More often than not, anger management problems stem from childhood experiences. It’s common for anger to be used as a means of covering up other feelings such as insecurity, shame, and vulnerability. Learning how to identify and cope with the underlying emotions that cause abusers to turn to violence is an essential first step toward changing their behaviors.

Identifying Warning Signs

Anger is, at least in part, a physical response, which means that, even if someone feels he or she just explodes into angry outbursts without any warning, there are almost always physical warning signs that appear in advance. Perpetrators of Domestic Violence in Tacoma WA sometimes report “seeing red” and losing control of their anger. If they can learn to identify their early warning signs, they will be better able to cope with it in healthier, less destructive ways.

Learning Coping Mechanisms

This step typically follows identifying early warning signs, which makes sense. Just acknowledging that one is becoming angry doesn’t actually put a stop to those emotions. Instead, those participating in anger management counseling will learn techniques like deep breathing, focusing on physical sensations, tension release, and other strategies that help them calm down in triggering situations.

Finding Healthy Ways to Express Anger

Even if someone has a good reason to be angry, he or she can choose to communicate that negative emotion in healthier ways instead of turning to violence. A counselor can teach clients techniques for improving their communication that can help to avoid escalating the situation.

Developing Conflict Resolution Skills

Although it is sometimes possible to avoid acute triggers for angry outbursts, it’s not possible to avoid conflict entirely. Focusing on the development of conflict resolution skills can help to give those with anger management problems a sense of control over their emotions, improving their relationships with others in addition to reducing violent outbursts.

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