How Augmented Reality is Affecting Different Industry Sectors

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2019


Augmented reality has risen to prominence as an important immersive technology form that is transforming various industries. Today, it has many applications that go well beyond AR games and frivolous experiments. Augmented reality companies in India are developing applications to help their clients deliver better customer experiences.

So what industries have embraced AR as a driving force? Take a look at some instances below.

Industries That are Witnessing Massive Changes with AR

  • Manufacturing – The manufacturing sector is also reaping the benefits of augmented reality technology. AR markers are being used on manufacturing equipment, to act as a reference point for workers to abide by. Markers can be set for guiding professionals for placement, design, fault detection and remedial measures. AR glasses and other tools are used during manufacturing, as they are capable of relaying information and guidance.
  • Retail – The global retail industry is welcoming AR with open arms, as the technology’s use translates to enhanced customer experiences. The ability to try on clothes and accessories, and visualising how furniture will look within one’s home is truly groundbreaking. Several augmented reality companies in India are working with brands to build AR-based product demonstrations. Brands are focused on delivering engaging interactive online shopping experiences.
  • Travel & tourism – Augmented reality is widely used in the travel & tourism sector today. AR features combined with one’s GPS is enough to guide tourists across foreign lands. AR-guided tours are also available at various key tourist destinations globally. One can easily find information about sightseeing spots, restaurants, hotels and public facilities with AR.
  • Education – The education sector is also witnessing massive change with the development of AR solutions. Learning has become a more engaging and memorable experience for students with AR simulation models. Now, children can point their devices at an image and a video or animation pops up along with information. AR will make education even more interesting soon.

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