How Aurora, Lisle and Naperville Residents Can Beat Signs of Aging

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2019


No person wants to look older than their actual age. However, life can be stressful and we often show the signs of this stress on our faces. As we age, our skin becomes thinner and starts to display wrinkles and fine lines.

It’s inevitable that you’ll get older, but you don’t have to look the part. To help you preserve your appearance and look younger than you are, here’s how to defy the decades and beat signs of aging.

Wear Sunscreen

The best anti-aging trick is also the easiest and the cheapest. There is no better defense against signs of aging than wearing sunscreen every single day. Contrary to what you might think, sunscreen isn’t something you should just wear when it’s bright outside or in the middle of summer. Instead, wear if each and every day if you want to truly prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

Stay Hydrated and Moisturized

Healthy skin is skin that’s hydrated and moisturized. Keeping the skin moist and plump is achieved in two ways. First, be sure to drink plenty of water each day to keep the skin hydrated from the inside out. Second, use a thick night cream before you go to bed each evening in order to keep the skin glowing and moisturized.

Get a Professional Opinion

The best cosmetic surgeons in Lisle IL know that truly reversing signs of aging can’t always be achieved with simple skincare products. If you want to really turn back the clock on your complexion, consider getting the opinion of a plastic surgeon. Sometimes a little nip or tuck can do wonders for helping you to appear younger than you really are.

For more information on the best cosmetic surgeons in Lisle IL, visit the Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery today.

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