How Construction Companies in Chicago Can Use SEO to Boost Their ROI?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2020


Since the advent of the Internet, search engines have started to play an important role in advertising. Among the 3.5 billion user searches made every day on the Internet, 30% of searches on mobile phones are location-specific queries. In simple words, it means that the user is looking for a local service provider to help them solve their problems.

These days, construction and real estate companies are increasingly using SEO, search engine optimization, to attract targeted traffic. SEO is an important tool for a successful advertising campaign because it allows construction managers to laser-target specific clients looking to construct commercial properties. Using geo-location tools, construction managers can significantly increase ROI because it helps customers in the vicinity of a business to view pertinent ads on top of the search results on Google.

The use of page title, headings, meta-tags, and custom content is also a highly effective strategy that can attract thousands of customers free of cost. Here are just a couple of methods used by experts to do SEO for construction companies:

• Google Maps: You can place information tags and company information on Google Maps. When done correctly, it’s a free advertisement for your business that can be accessed by hundreds of visual platforms and maps using Google Maps.

• Google My Business: This is among the favorite methods of SEO experts to put your business on top of Google results whenever someone searches for relevant keywords. It’s free of cost and highly effective.

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