How Frequently Should You Trim Your Hair?

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Nov, 2017


There are a lot of factors in play when figuring out how often you should trim your hair. It has a lot to do with what your goal is for your hair and the process that your hair is put through chemically every day. This article may help with finding a good routine for trimming your hair without causing and confusion.

On average, hair grows about a half inch every three to four weeks. But some people’s hair grows a little slower or faster than others. Red7Salon can help you with your hair trimming routine.

Longer Hair

The important thing about getting your hair trimmed for long hair is that it is hard to make sure it is always looking healthy. Long hair can be considered old hair. Similar to anything that gets old, it gets more fragile as it ages. Long hair may be more vulnerable to split ends, breakage, and appearing thinner. It may be likelier to be damaged if you highlight color or your long hair. Regular trims can keep your hair healthy.

Long hair should be cut about every eight weeks. If you happen to notice more split ends or breakage, you could cut it closer to every six weeks. It is important to be particular when getting your hair cut. If you do want your hair to get longer, ask for a half inch or even less off of the ends.

Shorter Hair

To maintain the hairstyle you want short hair needs to be cut more frequently. It can quickly start to look differently if not properly maintained. A men’s salon in Chicago may be able to help maintain a male’s hair of all lengths.

When you maintain short hair, it may seem to grow faster. Short hair can be trimmed anywhere from once every four to about eight weeks in order to keep your haircut looking how you want it to look.

Chemically Processed Hair

If you do highlight, color, chemically straighten, or perm or your hair regularly, you might notice that your hair continuously needs to be trimmed. Chemical processes can actually cause your hair to split, break, or get dry. Getting your hair trimmed more often can help avoid breakage and over-drying.

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