How Home Remodeling Contractors in Springfield, VA Will Help You with Renovating Your Home

Posted By : alex , on Sep, 2014


Most people fear home remodeling jobs because they can be quite expensive. However, with time and the wear and tear that comes from using appliances in the home, remodeling will be necessary. If your home desperately needs a face-lift, but you have budgetary constraints, there are some tricks you can use to make it work. Here are some tips that home remodeling contractors in Springfield, VA recommend.

Drywall textures

Home remodeling contractors will tell you that one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways of changing the style of a room dramatically is changing the color of the walls. One of the methods of changing walls is the drywall technique. Previously, it was a strictly functional way of improving the way the wall looks; however, it has now become every designer’s trick. You can choose to combine textured walls with a smooth ceiling for an interesting look. Another great way to add character to old and boring walls is the orange peel finish. This is achieved by simply spraying texture to the wall and letting it dry. This is then followed by the paint coat that you want.

Faux paint

Faux painting is another interesting yet inexpensive way of getting a little change into your home. This method involves using special and decorative paint finishes together with techniques that resemble wallpaper. The wallpaper-like techniques include glazing, sponging, ragging, free hand designs and wood graining. The result is a unique yet very inexpensive finish. It is also possible to add silica and other similar materials to the walls to make the walls look and even feel like suede.

Eccentric wall coverings

Most people think wallpaper when they are asked about wall coverings. However, if you want your home to look beautiful in a unique way, start thinking about coverings such as grass cloth, brightly colored fabrics, and even cork. These are finishes that will cost you very little and will create a dramatic difference in the way your home looks.

These are some of the designs ideas that home remodeling contractors in Springfield, VA can help make a reality. Click here to learn more about Dream Home Remodeling and the services they offer.

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