How Installing Humidifiers in Lake Orion, MI Homes Improves Indoor Air

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


Modern HVAC companies not only install, repair and maintain heating and cooling equipment, they also help clients stay healthy. Businesses like Royal Oak Heating & Cooling routinely check the quality of customer’s indoor air and then recommend ways to solve problems. Many issues are the result of low humidity. When clients need Humidifiers Lake Orion MI technicians offer a range of solutions that make the air more breathable.

What Indoor Air Quality Is and Why it Is Important

In the last few decades, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has identified polluted indoor air as a health hazard. It is common in modern, well-insulated homes that trap irritants like pet hair, mold, chemicals and dust mites. These irritants can circulate in vent systems and contribute to breathing problems. Low moisture levels can also cause problems. Dry air is most common in winter and is a common side affect of heating systems. Fortunately, clients can reach out to experts at sites like and then schedule indoor air quality tests.

The Affects of Low Indoor Humidity

Although it would seem that low humidity is not as dangerous as other contaminants, it can cause an array of problems, including:

• Respiratory Conditions: Air moisture that is near or below 40% can irritate breathing and contribute to asthma and allergies.

• Viruses: Recent findings show that viruses begin to thrive when the relative humidity drops to 35% or less.

• Ozone Contamination: The production of colorless ozone is directly related to air that has fallen below EPA recommended standards. Ozone irritates lungs and throats.

HVAC Professionals Can Improve Humidity Levels

Since air moisture levels can be corrected with Humidifiers Lake Orion MI HVAC experts offer a selection of products. They may suggest room humidifiers or whole house systems. Professionals might also recommend air cleaners, which they can provide and install. In fact, they will design complete home comfort systems that include sensitive thermostats to control ventilation and humidity.

Air conditioning specialists often check the quality of indoor air, which is affected by humidity levels. If levels are low enough to cause breathing problems, HVAC technicians can offer a range of humidifiers and thermostats designed to correct the problem.

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