How Laser Machinery and Vibration Analysis in Texas Can Help Your Company

Posted By : Alex , on Sep, 2014


Using lasers in machinery is a basic condition for most large companies today, but smaller companies have much to gain. This is especially since the price of current measurement systems is more than reasonable. Together with vibration analysis in Texas, the alignment of machinery is where you save the most money. If your machines are aligned correctly, your business will save time and money.

Investing in a laser alignment system, like the ones provided by Laser Precision, allows you to spend less on replacement parts, and you will suffer less downtime which means a reduction on your electricity bill. Correctly aligned machines reduce the risk of costly failures and production downtime. Machinery misalignment may lead to the following problems:

* Leaking joints

* Lost production time

* Increased energy consumption

* Increased vibration levels

* Bearing failure

* Quality control problems

* Work environment issues

* An environmental contribution

Aligning machines and performing vibration analysis in Texas is actually one of the best investments you can make for the environment. We all know that reducing energy consumption is closely related to preserving the environment. It also helps in the area of fuel, coal and gas consumption. Every day the service life of bearings, seals and other components continue to wear and tear. By using laser machinery, over a period of time, say five years, you can halve the use of spare parts, and also halve the energy consumption required to produce them.

If a pump seal leaks due to misalignment, unnecessary amounts of liquids are wasted. You may need more lubricant to make the machine work properly. In other words, a properly aligned machine is more austere with the right resources. Certain liquids are harmful to the environment and if you can prevent them from leaking into the atmosphere, you should do so.

Laser use justification

For years laser alignment equipment has been thought to be the best in the business. It is used in the connection of shafts of motors and pumps, mixers, fans, compressors, etc. to ensure proper alignment. Using laser machinery not only helps with long-term use, but the electricity savings could be up to 3 times greater than what companies are saving now. This fact alone has changed the mind of many companies, causing them to switch to laser machinery. If you are interested in learning more about vibration analysis in Texas, contact Laser Precision today.

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