How Much Money Does One Need To Start Investing In The Mutual Fund?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2018


Mutual funds are the best investment plans available in the country right now as they help us in achieving goals without much trouble, that too with minimal amounts. This form of investment includes many plans such as SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), lump sum payment and many more that help the investor to invest smoothly and systematically. Mutual funds provide safe and quick returns if you choose the schemes correctly. The amount of investment depends upon many different factors like investment goal; risk study, time involved etc., and one can start investing with just a minimum amount of Rs.500 per month. Many different mutual fund programmes allow people to invest with a minimum amount and achieve their long-term or short-term goals.

However, the amount of investment depends upon the plan opted by the investor. If the investor chooses a huge payment method option, then the minimum amount is Rs.5.000, and if he/she has opted for Systematic Investment Plan the amount is Rs.500 per month.

Mutual funds not only invest in equity market, but various other securities like bonds, debentures, government securities, preference shares and invest the number of investors in different plans that accumulate with inflation. If the investor wants to invest more than Rs.50.000, he/she needs to go through the simple process of verification known as KYC(Know Your Customer) that requires submission of certain documents for identity verification.

An investor can opt for any mutual fund scheme, can invest in them using any mode, i.e. online or offline, and can enjoy the benefits of higher returns with minimum risk accumulation and through a simple procedure. Therefore, only a minimal amount is required to plan an excellent future. Anyone can start investing and saving more for it as the future is the only aspect one works for.

Mutual fund investments are currently the best form of investment plans in the country. People from various economical standpoints are able to invest money as per their requirements and capabilities. However, since there are many different plans available in the market, it is important to make sure that you do a thorough research about them before you choose one to invest your money. Now you know how much money does one need to start investing in the mutual fund.

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