How Screen Print in Kansas City Can Increase Business

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


The professional appearance of employees is helpful in increasing business. That is true if employees are in suits and ties or if they wear t-shirts at work. The suits are professional enough as is, but casual wear may not convey professionalism to all customers. Casual wear is appropriate for several types of jobs, such as retail store cashier, repair technician, gas station attendant, baker, hairdresser, and warehouse worker. Many businesses allow employees to wear street clothes as long as outfits adhere to a basic dress code. It eliminates the business cost of providing uniforms but may be hindering business more than owners realize. Uniforms can be expensive, especially for smaller businesses that do not have the resources.

There are a few ways to convey professionalism without spending a lot of money with Screen Print in Kansas City. Screen printing is a process that allows for vivid colors, the flexibility of design, and a fast printing process. T-shirts or polo shirts with the business logo or name printed on them will present well in a casual atmosphere. Depending on where they are ordered, the business can get high-quality printing with no minimum order requirements. Some screen printing companies, such as House of Apparel, have an online designer tool that allows owners to create a logo, see how it will look in different places on the item, and view different colors to help make final decisions.

That means the business only purchases the number of shirts needed to accommodate the staff. To avoid the issue of sizing for employees as they are hired, try having aprons screen printed with the business logo on the front. Employees can put them on when they arrive and leave them to be washed when their shifts are over. The business owner is responsible for having them laundered, but aprons will be available at all times. Another way to look professional is to have the business logo or name displayed on tablecloths, coffee mugs, shelving liners, or across the counter on fabric runners. Colorful banners in the window, hanging outside the entrance, or along the walls will also present well and increase the brand recognition. Utilizing cost-effective Screen Print in Kansas City will increase business by improving the professionalism of appearances.

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