How Teeth Whitening Treatment Can Return the Sparkle to Your Smile

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2018


Have you always been proud to flash your bright, radiant smile? Perhaps, you have noticed lately your teeth have lost their gleam and look dull. While people can provide routine care to their teeth such as flossing and brushing daily to keep their smile beautiful, eventually, teeth will lose their luster and not seem as bright as they were before. There are various factors that can affect the color of your teeth and change how they appear. However, you can regain your brilliant smile with a treatment of teeth whitening in Chesterfield to remove the discoloring and brighten your teeth.

Factors that Influence the Color of Your Teeth

  • Certain medications can result in discolored teeth that can affect how your smile looks. Chemotherapy and antibiotics are two known medications that can affect your teeth’s color.
  • An inevitable cause for people’s teeth changing color is aging they brush away enamel that exposes the dentin below that will make your teeth have a yellow tinge.
  • Smoking or other tobacco products contain nicotine that stains teeth and turns them yellow.
  • Teeth whitening in Chesterfield can remove discolorations that can be caused by some drinks and foods that you consume.

Affordable Options are Available

There are various over-the-counter whitening kits and toothpaste available on the market to help you obtain a bright smile. While the treatments are effective, Chesterfield Family Dentistry offers customized whitening treatments to help you obtain the look you desire. They offer the expertise required to keep your gums and lips protected during the treatment. In addition to providing the more detailed technique that removes stains and discoloration from your teeth. With a professional treatment, you reduce the risk of not having an even color throughout your mouth and help remove those difficult stains on your teeth. Follow us on Google+.

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